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BANDAI Hyperyoyo Hyper Infinity

RM 350.00

The yo-yo that can spin forever, yes i mean forever!!!

This yo-yo is operated through motors and batteries.

Just by letting the yo-yo drop from your hand, or even batting at it will engage a motor that makes the Hyper Infinity spin indefinitely.

Walk the dog for 100 meters, or rock the baby 100 times, it's finally possible with this yo-yo. To bring the Hyper Infinity back to your hand, either use the included Response Tube, or use a binding technique.


Even for experienced players, the Hyper Infinity provides a unique opportunity for practice and fun. It's exciting to think about all the new tricks that could be developed thanks to this model. The Hyper Infinity may stand to change the history of yo-yo.

***Takes two AAA batteries (not included). Expected spinning time from two alkaline batteries is roughly 90 minutes.

Comes with two Hyper Infinity Response Strings and user's manual.


Brand new sealed in the box yo-yo, imported from Japan.