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CLYW Borealis

RM 350.00

This is the signature model of the 1A world champion, Zach Gormley.

Borealis is the third signature model of Zach Gormley, the creative genius that made his mark on the yo-yo scene long before he snagged the 1A world championship in 2015.

Unique and a bit avant garde, the Borealis is designed to provide support for Zach's own unique play style. Just like the original, it has a special playfeel that transfers the string tension to your hand. Sometimes quiet and docile, sometimes acrobatic and energetic, both of those styles of play are supported with gusto and stable sleeps, while you direct the Borealis to do, well, whatever you're thinking.

Official Description
The Borealis is the return top that helped Zach Gormley become the 2015 World YoYo Champion, and now it’s even better!

This modified organic shaped return top has quickly become a favorite of players all over the world, and we’ve worked with Zach to adapt the Borealis to better suit his ever changing style. As his tricks have become even more challenging and acrobatic, so must the Borealis change to keep up with his needs. We’ve widened the catch zone a bit and created slightly more of a V-shape to the profile, and moved some weight from the center to the rim for increases stability. The changes sound small on paper, but make a huge difference on the string.

This new Borealis is ideal for fans of the original who are hoping for a little more power and stability…or just anyone looking for a competition-friendly return top with a more comfortable profile.