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The Boy was developed from the Arctic Circle, and is the signature model of Team CLYW member Ayumu Harada.

The Boy is back in town! Based on Zach Gormley's signature Arctic Circle series, Boy has inherited the double rim from the Chief and is sized somewhere between the two models, with a rather wide feeling in the hand. Due to the small weight increase, it still manages to preserve the lightness of the Arctic Circle with some added stability. Thanks to the wider body it's way easier to land tricks and casually play, but it also increases your success rate for aggressive and difficult tricks as well. This is an important point to help support players on the contest stage.

Straightforward playability keeps us coming back to the Boy, and as you play with it you'll grow more comfortable with its weight and playfeel. We're sure you'll enjoy the Boy.

Official Description

We're very excited to release the BOY, the first signature return top for Ayumu Harada. Designed to be the next evolution of Arctic Circle family, the BOY is the ultimate refinement of those ideals. Zach Gormley's original vision was something wide, powerful, and floaty that could handle anything he could create...and Ayumu's dream was to take it just a bit further.

Working with Ayumu, we looked at every single line, angle, and transition and made sometimes the tiniest adjustments to bring out the absolute maximum potential of this shape and profile. Weight adjustments were made to keep the ultra-light and floaty feel of the AC series while finding just a bit more power and stability to get through modern tricks. No detail was too small to consider, and we revisited every single aspect of the AC and AC2, questioned our own motivations, and make sure that every decision was deliberate and furthered the goal of bringing this idea to it's full potential.

Sometimes you need to look back in order to move forward. This return top is an amazing midpoint between throwback and next steps, and we can't wait bring out on this journey with us.