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DUNCAN Freehand Pro

RM 85.00

Freehand® is the original counterweight yo-yo! With the introduction of Freehand came a new way to perform tricks by attaching a counterweight to the end of the string. The string is no longer attached to your finger, allowing you to perform tricks never done before. Freehand features SG stickers with thinner ball-bearing for perfect response. 

Matching casino die counterweight included! 

Check out our counterweight videos for an arsenal of tricks. 

Rock it out in 4 glossy colors: •Red/Black •Blue/Mandarin •Lime-Green/White •White/Red 

Shape: Flared (Great for String Tricks) 

Response Type: 19 mm 

Slim Pad Size 

Bearing Size: Size C (0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187) 

Trick Types: 5A/1A