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DUNCAN Lube for Looping

RM 25.00

Duncan yo-yo looping oil

With ball bearings in yo-yos there is now a need to keep your yo-yo more or less responsive as you progress from beginner to intermediate and eventually advanced and expert tricks.

Looping lube from Duncan is built for the beginner to intermediate in mind. A couple drops on your bearing and you will find your yo-yo more responsive and easier to return to your hand, Perfect for any Looping yoyo.

Spin lube will break down the Looping lube and can help a lubed bearing to spin freely and therefore make the yo-yo less responsive. However please note applying Spin lube to a completely clean bearing (free of any lube) will slightly slow it down but it does add to the overall life span of the bearing meaning it should be longer before you have a need to replace it.

NOTE: When applying thin lube you only want 1-2 very small drops. If you get thin lube on the response system (silicone pads) it will absorb it and possibly cause it to fall out early.