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DUNCAN Throw Monkey

RM 50.00

This can be a beginner yo-yo.

This yo-yo was made for extreme play, with a large body and rubber outer rim for extra durability.

The expressionless monkey with dice in hand as its trademark, the Throw Monkey will surprise you with its performance. The body is large enough just barely fit in the hand. The Throw Monkey is intended for counterweight and off string players, though it also works well for regular string play. The gap is wide, even for Duncan's Hardcore series, making it easier to land tricks. The Throw Monkey comes with a soft ball weight which is easy and forgiving on the hands. The tough rubber ring absorbs the shock of missed tricks, letting you go wild with your off string practice. This is a real weapon for players ready to break into extreme styles of play.

For slightly longer life out of your response pads and a smoother play, we recommend removing one of the friction stickers installed on the yo-yo. Check the links on the right for compatible response stickers.