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FRESHTHINGS x Snoopy Peanuts

RM 125.00

This wing-shaped Peanuts collaboration model is a plastic model designed for the competition stage!

This yo-yo is a collab model with "Snoopy" of Peanuts fame. Yes, the same character made famous by Charles Shulz's timeless classic newspaper comic. The package features comic frames on three sides, with the side of the yo-yo itself creating the fourth frame. The different colors have different themes tying back to yo-yo: Red is "Long Sleeper," Blue is "Rock the Baby/Blanco" and Yellow is "Walk the Dog."

This Premiere is set for beginners.

This plastic yo-yo has plenty of power to help you level up. The wide body shape makes it easy to perform tricks like elevator and trapeze string tricks. The round body fits nicely in the hand, and has a very comfortable catch. The design has plenty of power, so even weak throws will result in a nice steady spin. If you are looking to get back into yo-yo, this is a great model to bring you back into the fold.

By switching out the bearing for the wider size C bearing, you can upgrade to a bind response version, and keep climbing those trick ladders ever higher!