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RM 100.00

Always undecided if you should get a responsive or an unresponsive yo-yo?

This combo package will solve your issue!

This is the best package for those that wants to start playing yo-yo! There is no worry of buying the wrong yo-yo as this set comes with two yo-yos! Start with the basic RESPONSIVE yo-yo and when you're good at it, change to an advance UNRESPONSIVE metal yo-yo!

Get the feel of two yoyos at the same time at a very affordable price.!

This package combo comes with 

- Basic beginner yo-yo : Yoyoskeel Starting Point (responsive - Flat ball bearing)- ONLY ORANGE COLOR AVAILABLE NOW. Yellow Sold out.

- Advance metal yo-yo: AWSM SEVEN 7 (Unresponsive - Concave Ball bearing)

- 10 pcs of Kedaiyoyo Strings

- Free postage within Malaysia