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RM 150.00

KenTech has knocked it out of the park with their first swing! Euler has potential that goes beyond the imagination.

This is a B grade version of KenTech Euler.

A very minor vibration can be felt in the B grade yoyos, similar with display units.

This is an unresponsive yo-yo, does not come with any packaging.

This yo-yo was recently sold in the World YoYo Contest 2018.

Once a gimmick, the bimetal yo-yo has swept into the string trick mainstream. As if throwing the gauntlet down, KenTech has laid a threatening challenge to the other bimetal yo-yos on the field with the impossibly high potential of its first release, the Euler.

First of all, when you throw the yo-yo and you feel that tension as it hangs on the end of the string, the sensation of its incredible speed is transferred up to your hand. Although the specs would put it in a lightweight class (if it were monometal), the Euler spins with such ferocity you would swear it was way heavier.

But thanks to its actual weight, you can easily and smoothly control the Euler. The result is a yo-yo that feels super good and powerful to play, but is at your command without question. KenTech has made a real statement with their first model!