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LUFTVERK Plastic Fulvia

RM 135.00

Luftverk's first plastic model.

This plastic model is based on Luftverk's flagship titanium model "Fulvia". The shape itself is almost the same, but the side face and overall size are different, giving the impression of a plastic model that utilizes the know-how cultivated in the Fulvia rather than a model that attempts to reproduce the Fulvia.

It is almost oversized, and has an impact both in appearance and comfort, and its heavier weight in the 67g range gives it a good response that fits perfectly in a yo-yo of this size, while at the same time producing a "sharpness" that somewhat reminds one of the feel of the original Fulvia.

Thanks to the carefully rounded edges, which are obvious when you touch it, the yo-yo is much softer to use than its sharp appearance might suggest. It is big, gentle, and has a good weight. The Fulvia lineup is packed with a new face that has never been seen before.