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Do you like Hot dogs?

Here's something for you!

The latest release from MagicYoYo is the signature model for one of our favorite youtubers and MagicYoyo team member Dylan Kowalski! The HotDiggidy!

HotDiggidy? Yup! When Dylan was 18 he got a random hot dog tattoo. His friends started calling him "HotDiggidy" and the name just sort of stuck - From his instagram profile to his playstation username and now to his very own signature yo-yo!

The HotDiggidy may be a silly name, but it packs some serious performance. This design has been in the works for just over a year and after several prototypes they got it just where Dylan wanted it. They kept the weight just under 66 grams, but still very rim weighted for powerful spins and excellent stability. It has a fast feel in play, a fingerspin cup, and a nice stepped profile that really opens up the catch zone for riskier tricks.

Available in some nice vibrant solid colors for the first run, the HotDiggidy is sure to become a staple in the new MagicYoYo lineup!