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Only Navy Blue Color available.

Sunglasses T-Shirt, style 2, from Hiroyuki Suzuki's brand, MY-THO-LOGY.

Three time world champion and Japan's ace yo-yo player, Hiroyuki Suzuki's own brand. A yo-yo phenomenon that always climbs to the winner's podium, Suzuki has won every Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest since its inception in 2003. Outside the contest scene, Suzuki is omnipresent in the yo-yo community, appearing in stage performances and mass-media, including several appearances on TV. 

From the PHENOM himself, MY-THO-LOGY releases its first t-shirts. This is style 2 of 2.

This isn't just a regular printed T-shirt, Suzuki has taken great care in choosing the right materials and place to make his shirt. It's manufactured at the same place as a major brand, so the quality of the materials and stitching are much higher than average. A lot of T-shirts claim to be 100% cotton but are mixed with other materials; this T-shirt is 100% high quality cotton, and is incredibly soft on the skin. Don't just get this shirt because it looks cool, get it cause it's a well-made, comfortable shirt, that makes you look cool!

Only available in navy blue.