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sOMEThING Anglam

RM 800.00

sOMEThING is a Japan yo-yo brand  founded by the World champion player Hiroyuki Suzuki. 

The ANGLAM is possibly their biggest release in the 2012 World Yo-Yo Championship

ANGLAM is a mid sized aluminum yo-yo that fits wonderfully in the hand and just feels like a good fit. This yo-yo was created to be extremely stable and easy to control. Speed was also an important design factor and Hiroyuki Suzuki shows this off in the winning freestyle on this page. 

What really sets ANGLAM apart though is the TITANIUM weight rings carefully cut and precision balanced in exactly the right spot. This gives ANGLAM added stability and maneuverability that few yo-yos really can say they have.

ANGLAM is equipped with a large CBC Center Trac Bearing and YYF silicone response pads for tight binds. Features ANGLAM logo engraved on one side and Hiroyuki Suzuki's own signature engraved on the other