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RM 55.00

From Vosun: As we release the previous 7S design by Eren years ago. Eztrik got good feedback from the market & players. EZ in short for ‘easy’, that’s why EZSPiN is back with us again. We really want to make a modern design with a popular shape and a good quality yoyo for everyone. The original prototype was based on the other 2 successful design, the V6-Petrichor & 8S-Vanquish. Front design update from Petrichor and distributing more weight to the outer ring, which make the yo-yo spinning time longer. 

As I have tested it, the yoyo is a very stable techy yoyo.  It lands very solid on the string which makes it good for tech but not quite for speed.  The yoyo is bead blasted to a really smooth texture.  All Grinds on this yoyo are amazing except for finger spin.

I highly recommend this yoyo for the techy player looking for a good quality metal yoyo at an affordable price point.

Diameter (mm)56.4
Gap Width (mm)4.6
Bearing SizeKK size C
Gap TypeFixed