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VOSUN Fighter V8X

RM 140.00

This is an OFFSTRING 4A yo-yo.

Vosun first released their offstring yo-yo back in 2014. It was a big hit at that time.

This year, they released their second offstring design, an improve version of the old V8.
Now V8X Vosun Fighter!

The design of the yo-yo is brought together from various team members of VOSUN worldwide, sharing what can be improved from the previous yo-yo.

The new design incorporates the Hexagon head fastener which are strong and tight.

This hexagon head is very durable, suitable for offstring drops.
This is the yo-yo major selling point, newly designed Hexagon head on the Offstring yo-yo.

Videos will be uploaded soon.!


Diameter77.0 mm
Width62.5 mm
Gap Width2.4 mm
Weight 92g
Bearing SizeSize C flat
ResponseApad (19mm)
Body MaterialPOM (Delrin)
AlxeM4*10 mm steel alloy
Made inChina