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VOSUN U1 TIPS Titanium

RM 850.00

High end TItanium YoYo with a special lucky number engraved: #89

This yo-yo is high-walled and full-sized, U1-Tips is a full titanium high-end model.

This full titanium yo-yo comes from Vosun, and the name is short for "Titanium Premium YoyoS." It sits at the head of a very prestigious lineup of top-quality yo-yos.

TiPS is a full-sized design with a high-walled bump, a departure from the current trend of low edges. Normally, high walls would translate to more sleep loss, but the TiPS holds its momentum so well, you barely notice any slowdowns while you still have great control over the yo-yo. This is a playfeel that you really can't get elsewhere!

It's no overstatement when they say "The simple, the best," it's a true testament to pure yo-yo design, and when you throw your TiPS, you will begin to preach!

*This yo-yo comes equipped with a V-concave AKA center trac bearing. The side face has either a raised spike or bump design; Vosun has decided to save the reveal of which side face you get for when you unbox your yo-yo.

This yo-yo comes with a velvet pouch.