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YOYOFACTORY 100% Polyster Strings

RM 12.00

YoYoFactory USA 100% Polyester String
10 in a Pack
3 colors to choose from
YoYoFactory Modern Performance string is the absolute best fit for all modern yo-yos.
YoYoFactory string is made of 100% polyester, unlike standard 100% cotton string.
Polyester gives the string a smoother feel on your hands during tricks, it helps the string slide on the ball bearing of the yo-yo with ease for more complex string tricks, and it lasts much longer than classic cotton string.

Combine YoYoFactory 100% polyester string with any YoYoFactory Modern Performance yo-yo for the ultimate set-up!

Product Measures: Avg Length: 48 inches

For 10pcs individually packed by Kedaiyoyo***