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This is a fun small cute yo-yo by YoYoFactory.

Responsive yo-yo!

About 20 years ago yoyos were designed to do everything. a couple of loops, string tricks, reach for the moon, come back with a tug. Most importantly they needed to fit in your pocket. We reached way back to some of our pre-YoYofactory design influences to make this classic. Small 5x10x4mm bearing with small bearing response pads. Switch to the less responsive pads included for unresponsive play or live it up and play responsive. 

This full metal yo-yo brings us back to the 90's! A nostalgic throw with an new-school flavor.

From YoYoFactory, the company that brought many of us our first full metal yo-yo in the DV888 and flipped the whole scene on its head from the focus on tug-response play, Confusion goes back to the root of their roots as a yo-yo designed solely for tug-response play.

The internal workings are nearly identical to the loop 360, using CBC thick small pads for the response system and a size A bearing to provide the spin. This combination revives the playfeel of the 90's, during the dawn of ball bearing yo-yos, but flavored with the power and balance of machined aluminum.

Obviously, this isn't a model meant for the contest stage, and can't boast the kind of performance that modern profiles have. But what it does deliver is a sense of fun and nostalgia that will bring a smile to any veteran's face.


- Diameter 56mm

- Width 35mm

- Gap 2.8mm

- Weight 56grams

- 6061 Aluminum

- The yo-yo fits the SMALL CT bearing.