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YOYOFACTORY Dark Matter Bearing Lube

RM 35.00
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Dark Matter lubricant. TREAT your bearing right. For smooth spins and longer bearing life on modern unresponsive yoyos. Dark Matter(TM) was scientifically formulated and is intended only for use on yoyo bearings.

YoYoFactory(R) researchers announce their breakthrough! “We have found a marketable use for Dark Matter. We believe we are the first to find a applicable use for this mysterious particle. Now anyone can shop online and purchase this miracle substance. We suggest the best use is three drops in the side of your YoYoFactory(R) precision bearings. Allow for some break-in play before enjoying the improved spin quality and bearing life”. The YoYoFactory(R) researcher goes on to say “We recommend you shake the bottle well before use to accelerate and supercharge the nanoparticles”. The scientific community is still in shock at this breakthrough from such an un-expected industry. “Hey, somebody eventually had to come up with a use for it, why not YoYoFactory(R)?”-Space expert familiar with space stuff.

Note: Any type of lube on a completely clean spinning bearing will slightly slow down the bearing and too much can really slow it down. Only use 1-2 small drops at a time then test. Also keep in mind that if you get lube on the response system (silicone pads) it can absorb it and possibly cause it to fall out early.