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A full year after it first hit center stage, the Edge Infinity easily handles the weight of all that expectation!

In 2019 at the World Yo-Yo Contest, Evan Nagao used this yo-yo to take 2nd place in the hotly contested 1A competition. A full year of intense development later, the finished product is ready for the masses. The result is undoubtedly a high-end champion model!

The size and build is a combination of the original Edge and the Edge Beyond. The straight rim is slightly rounded, giving a nice soft catch even if the yo-yo is still spinning at high speeds. That outer rim is quite thick, giving incredible stability to your throws, but also giving a high degree of control that a demanding champion needs when they ascend to the contest stage.

From that weight balance comes a feeling that the yo-yo itself is accelerating automatically as you play. This special playfeel will surely become something that players will obsess over. Take one up and give it a light throw, and you'll feel the speed mounting up as if you pushed a boulder over the edge of infinity itself!

Official Description

Talk about a legend.

This yo-yo made its debut at the world yo-yo contest in 2019 when the reigning world champion Evan Nagao took a single working prototype to the stage and put his heart and soul into a performance that took 2nd place in the contest.

Since then there was no public release, we simply couldn't produce the design. Evan didn't want to settle for a compromise so we kept at it.