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The black color will not have any laser engrave on it

YoYofactory Horizon Team Polo Garbkamol's signature model, the Marco is a bimetal variation of the Horizon!

Polo Garbkamol was a big hit in most of the Asian yo-yo contests with his impressive slack combos and horizontal, difficult laceration tricks, and now he's got his own signature model, the Marco. The profile and side face of the Horizon, with a stainless steel bimetal design delivers the speed and steady sleeps that his playstyle demands.

While the body is technically an H-profile, it looks and feels much more like a straight shape design. Weighing in at 66 grams, it's on the heavier side of bimetals, but bucks this with a light and sharp fit in the hand. The body width has been stretched slightly, about 4mm wider than the original Horizon, for higher percentage of string hits. Even though the diameter is unchanged, the Marco feels bigger in the hand than its little brother.

All of these changes add up to create a much different from from the Horizon, and none makes a bigger difference than the stainless steel rim. The original design lends a great deal of stability, but the rim adds a whole lot of power to the 45mm wide body. Although it's much different from the Horizon, you can't deny that this yo-yo wouldn't exist without its predecessor.