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YOYOFACTORY Spacer/Starburst/Axle for Loop 2020 upgrade

RM 15.00

These spacers/axles/starburst are ONLY for Loop 2020 yoyos.

Spacers and starburst comes in pair, material plastic.

You may change and customize to your feel.

Do not buy if you do not have a Loop 2020 yoyo.

Starburst Response:

  1. Low Response: Great for long slow loops.
  2. Medium Response: Use with shorter string for medium looping speeds.
  3. Aggressive Response: Use shorter string for fastest looping speed.


  1. High Response: Shortest spacer for maximum loops, but reduced spin time.
  2. Medium Response: Great balance between loop quantity and spin time.
  3. Long Response: Reduces starburst contact for longer spins. Great for wrap tricks.


  1. Long Axle: Widest gap, long slow loops.
  2. Medium Axle: Medium Gap, averages loop speed.
  3. Short Axle: Smallers Gap, fastest loop speeds.