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YOYOFACTORY The American Flag (Made in USA)

RM 230.00

Gentry Stein tipped his heritage designs to blend his first signature 'Super G' design with his modern Shutter to create a unique profile. Super G was used by Gentry to take 3rd place in the World Contest. Shutter, was used for a win.

"This yoyo is the missing link between Shutter and Super G" Super G was kinda bulky, Shutter offered more comfort, float, and speed. By mixing design qualities of the shutter this makes what was wrong with super G right."

Specs for the Americans

Weight 2.29ounces
Diameter 2.22in
Width 1.73in
Gap .170in

Or more traditionally

Weight 65 grams
Diameter 56.5mm
Width 44mm
Gap .170in
Bearing CenterTrac(R)
Axle 4mmx10mm

  • This is an unresponsive yo-yo