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RM 300.00

this is limited edition Evan Nagao x Ayumu Kasuga Ultimatum

Evan Nagao designs his own yo-yos. He follows a design philosophy which is reflected in his tricks. He influences the way yo-yos are played with both of these elements. The future of yo-yo play is heavily influenced by players like this and the designs they create, inspire or influence.

Ultimatum was a side project. While perfecting the yo-yo he used to take 2nd place in the World Yo-Yo Contest Evan was inspired to create a bigger, not monstrous but wide yo-yo which would suit the needs of players looking to push the limits of yo-yo play or who could benefit with a bit of size and stability without the burdens of heaving weight.

Weight: 63.7grams
Width: 51.49 width
Diameter: 58.98 width
Gap: 4.57mm (1.80in)

Stainless Steel Axles
CT Bearing