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Basecamp's first release lineup, CLYW took the reigns in creating the Expedition.

Combining the process of two of North America's most famous makers, Basecamp is born from a collaboration between CLYW and YoYoFactory. Their first release is a trifecta of top performance: The Jackknife, Moon Shine and Expedition.

Expedition is a beautiful combination of CLYW's Orca and Aviator 2, with a dash of the essence of YoYoFactory's Shutter. Using CLYW's Snow Tire Pads for the response system, which transfers a whole lot of energy into the yo-yo with each throw. The design is so well executed, that the fusion of the three models is beautiful and natural. The matte finish is a nice touch, and makes CLYW's hand in its design quite clear.

Design influence is YoYoFactory. Design team is CLYW. The end result is bad ass. There is some Orca, some Aviator 2, even a little Shutter mixed in. Expect to see this one popping up on stage a lot after its release. A softer grinding finish and pure performance player.