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RM 150.00

This is professional 1A unresponsive metal yo-yo.

The original Hatchet design was always popular so YoYofficer just redistributed the weight to help performance. They cut down the center weight and increased the rim weight to give the Hatchet 2 improved stability and spin time.

YoYofficer did a fine job redesigning the new Hatchet 2. Full sized with an extreme spin, this is the perfect yo-yo for any competition player or the casual thrower just looking for that next level of performance.

Weight (g): 65.8
Diameter (mm): 55.94
Width (mm): 44.36
Gap (mm): 4.6
Bearing: Size C - Grooved
Response: YoYofficer Black Silicone 19mm Slim Pads