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RM 410.00

YOYOFFICER really took their time with their latest design and you can feel it with each throw. They went through multiple prototypes and took in all the feedback they could get from their team and other pros at the highest level of competitions around the world. The end result is what they're calling the best yo-yo they ever made - And we completely agree! This is the RAVE!

The new YOYOFFICER Rave was designed 100% from scratch, you won't find any elements from other yo-yos here. They wanted to create their first bi-metal as a completely original design to take full advantage of the materials, and they hit this one out of the park!

The Rave is exactly what we are looking for in a bi-metal yo-yo. The dense stainless steel rims provide a huge amount of rim weight while the 6061 aluminum body keeps the overall weight of the yo-yo relatively low. This bi-metal weight distribution gives an insanely powerful feel on the throw matched with crazy spin time and stability. And the Rave doesn't stop there, it moves extremely fast and is super maneuverable which came as a surprise after seeing and feeling the comfortable organic shape.

If you haven't bought into the new bi-metal trend, this is the time! The new YOYOFFICER Rave is definitely something to Rave about!