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The latest release from Yoyorecreation is a signature model for team member Takimoto Mizuki - The TM!

Yoyorecreation came up with a very cool concept for this new signature model; The cross section profile of this yo-yo actually makes up Takimoto Mizuki's initials, TM. It doesn't get much more signature than that! Don't let the fun concept fool you though, the TM is far from just a clever concept, and Takimoto Mizuki proved that by winning the Northern Japan tournament with his new signature model!

Primarily a 3A player, Takimoto Mizuki needs a yo-yo with a really powerful spin and stability and that's exactly what the TM delivers. It has a fast yet powerful feel on the string without too much heft. It's an impressive high performance design that feels perfect for 1A as well!